Two Brothers in Two Days – Part I

A few weeks ago we went to the last concert of the season of the Chicago Sinfonietta, whose main performance venue is Wentz Concert Hall in Naperville. Earlier that day, it was a Friday; I […]

6:00 AM Yoga & Other Sunrise Activities

Do I? Don’t I? It sure would be great to get a bit more sleep… C’mon, you’ll regret it if you don’t go. You know you will. I now call it the “Haleakala Debate”, that […]

The Naperville Winter Ale Festival

A few weekends ago, I decided that after years of sitting in a pile, our beer stickers needed to be put on the spare freezer.  The stickers are mainly from craft breweries; places with names […]

The Real Reason I went to Starved Rock

I find it so exciting when I wake up early on a Saturday knowing that something out of my usual routine waits for me.  On this particularly chilly morning in February, I was going to […]

Getting to Slieve League

I have mentioned my love of hiking and climbing things in previous posts.  Opportunities for this are scant in the Midwest, so I was particularly excited to go hiking in the Irish countryside.  Our Irish itinerary […]