6:00 AM Yoga & Other Sunrise Activities

Do I? Don’t I? It sure would be great to get a bit more sleep… C’mon, you’ll regret it if you don’t go. You know you will. I now call it the “Haleakala Debate”, that […]

The Naperville Winter Ale Festival

A few weekends ago, I decided that after years of sitting in a pile, our beer stickers needed to be put on the spare freezer.  The stickers are mainly from craft breweries; places with names […]

The Real Reason I went to Starved Rock

I find it so exciting when I wake up early on a Saturday knowing that something out of my usual routine waits for me.  On this particularly chilly morning in February, I was going to […]

Getting to Slieve League

I have mentioned my love of hiking and climbing things in previous posts.  Opportunities for this are scant in the Midwest, so I was particularly excited to go hiking in the Irish countryside.  Our Irish itinerary […]

Guinness at St. James Gate

It seemed so cliché… that the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin would be the first stop on our 9-day visit to Ireland, especially because I consider myself to be “traveler”, not a “tourist”.  The former loosely […]